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The flowering of an agave plant at “A. Borza” Botanic Garden

Published by Turtureanu Dan on

An exceptional event is now at the beginning: the flowering of an agave plant at “A. Borza” Botanic Garden in Cluj-Napoca!

The phenomenon is rare under the climatic conditions in Cluj. Once at 10—15 years, we have agave individuals reaching maturity and flowering stage. This year, a sisal (Agave sisalana) has produced a very tall stem (4.4 m).

–        The plant has around 25 years and is found in the beautiful “Mexican Garden” in the Phytogeographic section

–        After fructification and drying of the flowering stem, the whole plant dies

–        The species naturally occurs in southern Mexico (Yucatán Peninsula)

–        The sisal is a plant of economic importance, its leaves producing one of the most important natural hard fibres (used to construct ropes, fishing nests, hammocks, etc.)

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