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Our mission

From the outset, the botanic garden in Cluj has clearly defined its purpose as an institution “as much as possible in the service of science, education and general knowledge” (Alexandru Borza, director 1919-1947). These three objectives (research, teaching, education) are still the pillars on which any academic botanic garden is founded.

Our main scientific mission is to understand and document the diversity of plants and their uses, bringing the necessary expertise to biodiversity conservation actions. Thus, A. Borza Botanic Garden has established itself over time as an important national and international landmark of knowledge in the field of plant research.

The excursion organized during the International Symposium in Cluj-Napoca (May 2014)

Living plants collections, the herbarium, seed collection and scientific publications gathered in a library have been maintained for more than 100 years. Through a happy and unique combination, all these constitute the basic tools that support our activity.

The living collections have been created and maintained for over more than 100 years
The new fern collection in the Systematic Sector