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The flora of the African and American deserts

This section of the Phytogeographical Sector is located in front of the production greenhouses. It includes mostly African Euphorbiaceae and Cactaceae species from Central and South America, original and interesting plants due to their adaptation to drought: Opuntia ficus-indica with edible fruits (known as the prickly pear), species of Crassulaceae (the stonecrop family), and other exotic species such as the famous Aloe vera or the ornamental Yucca filamentosa with majestic inflorescences, which borders the Pax Fountain (a well-known botanist who studied the flora of the Carpathians), a few Agave species, etc.

The stone fountain dedicated to Ferdinand Albin Pax, a botanist who studied the flora of the Silesia region and the Carpathians