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Team and organization


Prof. Dr. Mihai Pușcaș. He is the curator of the Babeș-Bolyai University herbarium. As an academic at the Department of Taxonomy and Ecology of the Faculty of Biology and Geology, he teaches the courses of Systematic Botany (Cormophyta) and Philogeography. His research activity is mainly carried out in the field of alpine biogeography and ecology (functioning and dynamics of high mountains herbaceous ecosystems).


Dr. Pavel Dan Turtureanu, Researcher (grade II). He manages the collections of the Systematic and Economic sectors. His research activity is currently focused on the study of alpine systems through in situ sampling and remote sensing. He was the principal investigator of the MEMOIRE research project and is involved in monitoring projects such as ODYSSEE and GLORIA. He maintains the most extensive network for monitoring the bioclimate in the Carpathians. His work has also been oriented towards the study of plant diversity.

Dr. Oana Gavrilaș, Biologist. She is responsible for keeping a healthy phytosanitary state of the plants by applying preventive and healing treatments. She also manages environmental-related issues, such as waste management and regulations application in the garden. Her expertise cover identification of plant patogens, methods of chemical and biological control, testing antifungal and antibacterial potential of some plant extracts, and in vitro cultivation of phytopatogenic fungi.

Dr. Liliana Jarda, Biologist. She is in charge for the maintainance of in vitro collections, as well as plant breeding by micropropagation techniques. She oversees the ecological education activities of the garden, thus keeping a permanent contact with undergraduate school teachers and numerous environmental non – governmental organizations in Romania. She conducts research in the field of in vitro plant propagation and is also involved in other research projects of the garden.

Dr. Crina Mocan, Biologist. She oversees the plant collections of the Greenhouse Complex in the garden. She specialises in mycorrhiza at native orchids, as well as at some tropical ones. She also holds wide expertise in identifying species from the AraceaeBromeliaceae families, along with tropical ferns and palms. She was involved in research projects focused on Transylvanian grasslands and ex situ conservation of biodiversity through seed collections.

Horticultural maintenance

Liviu Porumbreanu, Hortic. Eng. Head of Horticulture. He coordinates the planting and cultivation activities of species in the garden by organizing the technical and horticultural staff. He supervises a large team of more than 20 employees, including horticultural engineers, personnel of various specialities, analysts, technicians.He is also in charge of the maintenance activities of plant species from the Systematic and Economic Sectors, and also has a key role in enriching the living plant collections.

Dr. György Feszt, Hortic. Eng. He is in charge of the maintenance of the succulent collection of the botanic garden, particularly of cacti, which is based within the Greenhouse Complex. Passionate about art, he holds wide expertise in landscaping and is also involved in the creation and maintenance of some decorative areas in other parts of the garden.

Dr. Angela Pui, Hortic. Eng. Holding wide expertise in landscaping, she oversees the activity within the Ornamental Sector by planning how the seasonal works are undertaken and organizing tasks for the horticultural personnel. She coordinates the production of plant supply (seedlings, cuttings), cultivation and maintenance of decorative plants and landscape features. She seeks the embellishment and creation of modern ornamental plant collections.


Ana Ujică, Head of Administration. Responsible for carrying out the technical-administrative activity at the level of the botanical garden. She validates the proposals and follows the procurement activities of goods, services or works, performing all supply operations. It also ensures the management of the assets of the botanical garden.

  • E-mail: ana.ujica@ubbcluj.ro

Timea Micu, Secretary. She is in charge of the overall secretaryship activity of the botanic garden.

  • E-mail: timea.micu@ubbcluj.ro