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With the current considerable human impact on natural ecosystems, the role of botanic gardens in preserving biodiversity has become increasingly important, as well as in educating and informing the public on the importance of plants and dangers to which they are exposed. Education programmes supporting biodiversity conservation, initiated at A. Borza Botanic Garden, joined the research projects on the Romanian spontaneous flora species. The course attendees are more informed of the problems encountered and the costs incurred by the conservation actions.

There is a large variety of environmental education programmes which have been offered by the botanic garden not only in the field of plants but also on other living organisms. Among these programmes we mention: Kindergarten green garden, Apuseni Mountains in the Alexandru Borza Botanic Garden, Botanic Garden Stage, Friends of nature, Let’s learn to preserve Astragalus peterfii, Treasure hunt in the botanic garden, Key2nature, Doing School Differently’ in the botanic garden, Night of the Nightingale, Night of the Bats, Plants Day, Water Day, Nature is preparing for winter, Bonsai Exhibition, Live butterfly exhibition, etc. Also, in the spirit of educating the public on the value of species from the spontaneous flora of Romania, a thematic pathway was organised along which plants of ecological and economic importance, as well as rare species, were displayed.

Getting to know the carnivorous plants within the program called “Doing School Differently”