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The journal Contribuții Botanice and Index Seminum

Contribuții Botanice

The new series of the Contribuții Botanice (Botanic Contributions) journal, established in 1958, is the continuation of two former publications: Contribuții botanice from Cluj and Buletinul de Informații al Grădinii Botanice și al Muzeului Botanic de la Universitatea din Cluj, which have been published since the beginnings of the garden in 1921.

Currently, the editorial committee is made up of both Romanian and foreign scientists covering all the journal’s areas of interest. Publication of articles written in international languages (since the 2nd number of the 1997-1998 volume) led to an increasing number of authors from abroad to submit their work for publication in the journal.

The Seed Catalogue (Index Seminum)

Based on this publication, the exchange of plant material with other botanic gardens takes place every year. The exchanges are conducted in compliance with the Convention on Biological Diversity (Rio de Janeiro, 1992) and other international agreements. The purpose of this exchange is mainly to expand the garden collections, but the material can also be used for scientific purposes, for various studies. The list of species listed in the catalogue includes both plant material (seeds or living plants) collected from the botanic garden and from other locations in the country.

The catalogue of seeds has appeared uninterruptedly every year since the establishment of the botanic garden. Currently, it is distributed to over 500 botanic gardens in many countries on all continents. In turn, A. Borza Botanic Garden receives the seed catalogues from its partner botanic gardens.

Cleaning of seeds in wood bowls