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Higher education

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As a subunit of Babeş-Bolyai University, A. Borza Botanic Garden provides all logistical and scientific support in line with the university’s educational offer for systematic botany, floristics, vegetation, and plants, fungi, and algae diversity. These activities are pursued in our Botanic Institute or in the other departments of the botanic garden. For its outstanding scientific value, for the constant role it has played in the educational process and the permanent openness towards the teaching staff, research staff, and students in all educational cycles, the CL Herbarium of the botanic garden has been included in the Bolyai University Strategic Research Infrastructure.

The living collections provide support to students studying Systematic Botany

Students of the Faculty of Biology and Geology, both undergraduate and master’s level, can carry out all the activities pertaining to the compulsory practical instruction (in the botanic field) under the direct guidance of the specialists of the botanic garden. Annually, a series of undergraduate or master’s theses are supervised by these specialists. There is a special connection between the A. Borza Botanic Garden and the Doctoral School of Integrative Biology at Babeș-Bolyai University. 

Participants at the excursion of the Biogeography of the Carpathians Symposium in Cluj-Napoca (2017)

Researchers in the botanic garden are members of this doctoral school, and most botany doctoral students (sensu lato) are carrying out their activity within the premises of our institution.

The botanic garden organises regularly:

  • International botanic conferences in which it promotes and facilitates the participation of students or young (postdoctoral) researchers;
  • Summer schools in collaboration with prestigious research institutions and universities from abroad, attended by students from all over the world (in the field of biodiversity conservation, new molecular techniques for the study of biodiversity, etc.).